Enjoy the pregnancy

“Just enjoy it!” people say… But what do you do, exactly, when you enjoy your pregnancy?

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There are loads of simple (and inexpensive) ways to make life enjoyable when you are expecting. A lot of the time, it’s about realizing it is okay to just enjoy… in fact, it’s what you should do – a happy mum who well means a happy baby in the belly. Being a bit lazy right now is a good thing, actually something to strive for.

Block off days and evenings from activities and allow yourself time to do nothing. It will instil calm around you and within you and it will give your thoughts – all those many thoughts – some free space.

Relax in a nice reclining chair and indulge in glossy magazines or be a nerd and read books about pregnancies and child psychology. Would you like some company? At this time during your pregnancy, you’re not likely to want to have a night out with your friends. Invite them to your home instead and organize a cosy movie evening with popcorn and happy laughter. Or ask your friends to bring some takeaway food to take care of dinner.

Make sure to talk often and a lot with the little bean in your belly and make it cozy for both of you. Light some candles, fluff up the pillows and cover yourself in a soft blanket. Read a book! When the baby has arrived, you will think of reading as a luxury, so do it now! You have probably already heard parents with young kids commenting that they can’t remember when they last read a book… Alternate between peaceful and creative activities. Take the opportunity to reorganize the furniture at home, think of some smart solutions for when the baby arrives. It’s wonderful to create something at home, let your imagination flow, dream, and prepare. Make sure to enjoy some moments like these.

If one day you are full of energy, clean out your wardrobes or the storage room. Make room for new things. This is the best time to do it. Crafting is also fun. Get an album, make a charming collage and create a story about your journey through your pregnancy. Write a story about meeting your baby. Let your creativity flow. It can do wonders for your well-being.

Beauty care can make magic. Treat yourself to a wonderful lotion, take a bath (if you have a bathtub) or go to an aquatic center for a swim. Whatever you choose to do, don’t rush it. Play some chill music and relax. Create an inspiring playlist that you can dance to when you feel like doing some exercise. Make a playlist for your baby with lullabies, fairy tales, and nursery rhymes. Perhaps you need a little lullaby sung to yourself? Make sure to take many short breaks throughout the day and don’t worry if you don’t sleep through the nights. Train yourself to relax, both physically and mentally, even when your body is tense and your thoughts go into overdrive.

Leave the dishes and vacuuming and stop complaining about your hormone swings. Enjoy being a little careless and feel blessed that your emotions are so strong for the moment. When you have a blue moment, be aware that it is not only the hard times that feel heavier, the positive side of things are a lot more positive as well – if you choose to see it that way!




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