Relish together

No matter how things are between you right now, it’s pretty amazing that the two of you are having a baby. Boost the pregnancy and your relationship!

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Being pregnant, or helping the one you love to get pregnant, is a powerful boost and a strange ego trip. Allow yourself to relish the feeling together. Savour the time you have together, or at least try to realize that you have this time together right now. Even if you are lucky and don’t have to deal with wakeful nights or colic crying further down the road, most relationships are put to the test once the baby is born. If you make sure to do fun things together before the baby is born, you will carry happy memories from the pregnancy that will be good to fall back on during the first years of infancy.

Try to live out your childish and sentimental sides. Talk to the baby in the tummy, flatter each other and play family. Relish in how cute the baby will be with such gorgeous parents, it’s like a balm for the relationship. Ridiculous names for the baby in the tummy reinforce the “we”-feeling. Knock around and brainstorm names and writing lists of names are some of the most exciting things with expecting a baby. Whatever you will call your baby, once you have really made up your mind, it will be the most beautiful name in the world, just perfect for your baby.

Expecting a baby is overwhelming for both parents. The pregnant woman will have mood swings and uncontrolled bouts of crying, and her partner might feel left out. From time to time, sex life is non-existent. No matter how things are between you, the best advice is to communicate. Don’t be afraid to open up and talk about how you feel, individually as well as together. With the communication itself, you get closer to each other, maybe even at a deeper level than before. And that is a delight in itself.




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