Childbirth tips!

Giving birth is hard work and it requires mental training and a lot of energy. Remember the following tips or make a checklist – it’s not far now!

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Childbirth tips!Photo: Preggers
  • Stop running around trying to do too much. Really! – Slow down these last weeks before the day the baby is expected.

  • Get a lot of sleep, even during the daytime.

  • Eat well and eat enough

  • Get prepared mentally

  • Practice breathing and relaxation techniques

  • Talk to your partner or supporting friend about the delivery – write a birth plan letter

  • Read, think, and talk about the various stages of delivery

  • Don’t make any decisions in advance about what pain management you will have. You don’t know what your delivery will be like

  • Don’t approach labor with fear – reflect and meet your feelings and talk to someone about it

  • Encourage yourself: labor pain is a positive force that moves you forward to the goal

  • Dare to trust your body. Childbirth is a natural process

  • Communicate regularly with your care provider to build a good rapport. If you don’t feel comfortable with your care provider, ask to be assigned someone else – it is your childbirth

  • Be comfortable receiving help, be comfortable asking for help

  • Try to follow processes – don’t be an obstacle

  • Remember that labor lasts for a limited amount of time – it has a start and it has an end

  • Focus on the awesome outcome – the baby!




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