Length: 39 cmWeight: 1200 g

Baby development

My brain is now regulating my breathing and body temperature, while I'm becoming increasingly more sensitive and responsive to light, sound, flavors, and smells.

The basis for my teeth was formed weeks ago, but now they are beginning to develop in my gums. Hair that previously covered my skin is now beginning to disappear.

I am now so strong that my kicks and movements can be seen and felt outside the belly. Sometimes it’s visible at strange angles depending on how I am positioned in my mother's belly. I have also developed a daily cycle of activity that is probably recognizable to my mother at this time. I awaken and kick at about the same times during the day and I ease up and sleep at about the same time later in the day. Mom sometimes checks in on me with a light nudge if she feels I’ve been still too long and I respond with a kick or two to allay her fears. But sometimes even that isn’t enough to wake me from my slumber. If she is still worried she can always contact the care provider. Not least so she knows there is nothing to worry about.


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