Mothers development

The only thing that so far allows you to suspect that you are pregnant is that your period shines with its absence.

You may not feel any pregnancy problems other than a little aching menstrual cramps or tension in the breasts. The symptoms could just as well be a sign that your period is in progress, but when it does not occur you realize that something has changed…

Now the placenta is formed, a new organ inside you. The placenta produces the hormone hCG, which is supposed to prevent the embryo from being rejected. Hormone changes can be measured in blood and urine. The most common and easiest is to measure hCG in the urine, which is done with specially designed test strips - pregnancy tests.

The pregnancy test shows positive (congratulations!) And now it is guaranteed to bubble up lots of emotions; Surprise, anticipation, anxiety, fear, longing, hope, and happiness. As soon as you find out you are pregnant, it's time to call your care provider.


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