Mothers development

You're past your due date and you're probably wondering if the baby has decided to set up camp in your belly forever.

But almost 90 percent of all pregnant women who pass their due date give birth before week 42. That means you are almost at the finish line. Be patient! Your baby will soon be out.

Several Maternity health services offer checkups on the well-being of the mother and baby at the start of week 42. This check also considers if labor will be induced. During such a check-up, the health of both mother and child is examined, as well as the placenta and amniotic fluid. Your care provider or doctor may decide to conduct a so-called ‘membrane sweep,' a way to soften your womb, which may induce labor. If you feel unsure, worried, or simply very impatient - talk to your care provider. Everything will be alright!


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