Beauty tips and feel-good tricks

Happy mum, happy baby. Treat yourself to wonderful products and pleasing moments, week after week.

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Week 4 – Your test was positive! Congratulations! The first thing to realize is that you now must start looking after yourself well. Enjoy this opportunity! Buy yourself a supportive bra of good quality straight away. Your breasts will feel sore before you know it. A trick to keep your breasts comfortable is to wear a bra also at night time.

Week 6 – You may feel peckish a lot of the time and you should start eating snacks to keep your blood sugar up. The hormones will soften your gums and food will get stuck between your teeth more easily. Be meticulous when cleaning your teeth, floss regularly and also use fluoride rinse – to keep that irresistible smile.

Week 8 – Your hair and skin may feel a bit oily. This is caused by estrogen stimulating the production of sebum. Do you feel scruffy? Be sure to treat yourself to a better-quality shower gel, shampoo and conditioner. Your body will have regained its balance in a couple of weeks and your hair will once again have its natural shine.

Week 11 – The hormones affect the production of melanin, the skin’s colour pigments. Birthmarks, freckles, and skin marks may temporarily darken. Use creams and foundations with UV protection. Be careful to always use lotions with a high sun protection factor when you are outdoors.

Week 13 – Pressure on the urine bladder eases (temporarily). If you have suffered from morning sickness, this is now likely to pass. The risk of miscarriage is now dropping significantly. Celebrate this by booking a wonderful facial treatment.

Week 15 – The pregnancy still doesn’t show when you’re dressed, but in the shower, you start to notice a rounder belly. Get some milder shower products, not least for your intimate bits. Fungal infections are common when you are pregnant. Swap your soap for oil to ease any inconveniences.

Week 18 – It’s around this time you are up for your first ultrasound. It’s a big experience and it becomes clear that beauty literally comes from the inside.

Week 20 – You now have half a litre more blood in your body. The increased blood volume can make you more prone to blushing, it is usually a natural rosy blush.

Week 21 – You may need an iron supplement and your midwife will guide you. The iron supplement may cause constipation, which in turn is a contributing factor to pimples appearing in the mouth and chin area. Keep your stomach in shape by eating dry fruits and drinking a lot of water.

Week 25 – Finally your pregnancy is showing. The increased amount of water in the body is filling out fine lines and gives your skin a special glow. Your legs may need a little extra support, however. Support stockings are now rapidly becoming your new thing. Luckily, they come in nice colours, patterns, and styles.

Week 32 – Try to ease the pace and relax more. Continue to exercise but work out at a slower pace and be mindful of sensations in joints and ligaments. Swimming is a good and gentle alternative.

Week 35 – The pressure from the belly increases and some problems may occur, such as varicose veins. Make sure to wear compression stockings and keep your legs up high when resting.

Week 36 – Your belly has a high position, before dropping and once again putting pressure on the urine bladder. Try to enjoy the famous beauty sleep and treat yourself to mini-naps throughout the day.

Week 37 – It’s now a good time to go to the hairdresser. It will be a long time until you have the time and energy to go there next… If you tend to get stretch marks, they are likely to appear now at the end of the third trimester. Some women get stretch marks already in the first trimester, while others get them after delivery. You can, to some degree, affect your skin’s elasticity, and reduce the itching when the skin gets stretched, by applying a good skin lotion.

Week 38–42: – Delivery! The beauty of a new mum with her little baby is simply breathtaking…


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