The Little Pharmacy for Babies and Kids

When your child has a cold, a stuffy nose, or a minor tummy ache, it's reassuring to have a small pharmacy corner at home. Here are some essentials that will save the day and help your child feel better – and help you maintain your composure!

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The Little Pharmacy for Babies and KidsPhoto: Preggers
  1. Nasal Aspirator and Nasal Spray: Bid farewell to nasal congestion with these superheroes! The nasal aspirator helps clear all the nasal blockage, giving your little one a well-deserved breather. Pair it with a child-friendly nasal spray to alleviate congestion and facilitate breathing even more.

  2. Fever Thermometer: A dependable fever thermometer is a necessity for monitoring your child's body temperature. Choose a thermometer designed for use with infants and young children, ensuring you can obtain quick and accurate temperature readings.

  1. Over-the-Counter Pain Relievers: When your child is in pain, it's handy to have over-the-counter pain relievers suitable for children readily available. Paracetamol is an example of a safe and effective medication for relieving pain and fever in children. Read the packaging carefully for the correct dosage based on your child's age and weight.

  2. Bandages and Adhesive Bandages: Minor cuts and scrapes are common for active children. Always keep a variety of bandages and adhesive bandages in different sizes and materials to promptly address any injuries. Remember to thoroughly clean the wound before applying a bandage or adhesive bandage.

  1. Stomach Medicine: If your child has a stomachache or is experiencing temporary stomach discomfort, it's useful to have some form of stomach medicine for children in the little pharmacy. Always consult a doctor or pharmacist for the right recommendations and dosage based on your child's age and needs.

  2. Oral Rehydration Solution: In cases of diarrhea and vomiting, it's essential to replace lost fluids to prevent dehydration. Keep a pediatric oral rehydration solution on hand in the medicine cabinet to quickly provide your child with the right nutrition and fluids during illness.




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