Which sunscreen for the baby? Sun protection for Infants

When it comes to protecting our little ones from the sun's harmful rays, it's important that we take their delicate skin into consideration. Babies under one year old should ideally avoid direct sunlight. To safeguard their skin, it's best to dress them in clothing that covers them adequately and avoid overexposure to the sun. Therefore, it is generally not necessary to use sunscreen on infants.

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Which sunscreen for the baby? Sun protection for InfantsPhoto: Preggers

Is it advisable to apply sunscreen on babies?

Children have particularly sensitive skin, and although there are sunscreens formulated to minimize the risk of allergic reactions and other health issues, it's recommended to refrain from applying sunscreen to your baby. The best way to protect them is to avoid the sun as long as they are not walking or being physically active.

When can children start using sunscreen?

Children should be protected from direct sunlight for as long as possible. Generally, this approach works well until the child begins walking or becomes more active. It's important to protect your child by dressing them in sun-protective clothing and applying sunscreen to areas that are not covered by clothing. There is no exact timeframe for when it is appropriate to start using sunscreen on your child.

How effective is clothing as sun protection?

According to the Radiation Safety Authority, clothing is the best form of protection against the sun. This is because clothing absorbs harmful UV rays before they reach the skin. It's important to remember to protect yourself from the sun, whether by using clothing or sunscreen. Here you can read more about sun protection products for children.




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