The little baby carrier guide

Did you know that humans have carried their children for thousands of years, both with and without supports? Carrying one’s child is a wonderful thing, but it is a delight that can take its toll in the long run. Your child is growing, while the need for nearness and comfort is still significant.

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Using the right type of baby carrier makes it easier and less worn on the body to carry your child. It enables you to carry your child for a prolonged time, while you keep your hands free to do other things. The shoulders must be relieved to be able to carry a child for a long time and a properly designed hip belt can provide great support.

The baby carrier must be easy to use, put on and take off, and adjust. Needless to say, it must be easy to put the child into the baby carrier and take them out again. Newborn babies do not have a lot of patience when it comes to getting arms and legs in the right position in a baby carrier.

Baby carriers are not cheap and it’s important to consider how long they will be used for. You want to use the baby carrier for as long as possible as the child grows, and be able to vary the carry positions: front carry facing parent, front carry facing out, hip carry or back carry.

It is important to try the baby carrier on before you buy it. The one that suits you may not suit your partner.

Keep in mind:

  • Always follow the instructions from the manufacturer/retailer to ensure you’re using the baby carrier correctly.

  • Newborn babies are unable to keep their heads up straight and therefore need a baby carrier with neck support.

  • Closely examine the openings in the baby carrier to ensure the baby does not slide out.

  • The child must not come into a compressed position with the chin pressed against the chest, as this can block their airways.




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