The onesie - The best garment for baby's first year

During the initial months and up until your child starts standing and walking, the onesie is the ultimate baby outfit. Simple and practical, adorable and comfortable – the onesie is incredibly versatile. Here, you'll discover more about everyone's favorite number one piece of clothing.

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The onesie - The best garment for baby's first yearPhoto: Preggers

Summing up why the onesie is such a perfect garment for newborn babies – and their parents – is quite straightforward; it's simply incredibly functional, both day and night. Up to around size 80, or 86, the onesie is essentially the only basic item you need in your baby's wardrobe.

A onesie features snap buttons at the crotch, making it easy to change both diapers and clothes. Some models also have snap buttons along the wrap opening on the chest or on the shoulder. The onesie often has an extendable crotch with double rows of snap buttons, and the leg openings follow the shape of the baby's body. There's ample space for the diaper while the garment rests comfortably on the child's body.

Versatile usage

There's a plethora of models, qualities, colors, and patterns available, so why not acquire a set of different onesies: a top during the day, a cozy or festive outfit in the evening, and pajamas at night.

Choosing the right model

Most onesies are made of cotton, and you can also find models in 100% organic cotton. If you intend to use the onesie as pajamas, ensure that the seams are extra soft and flat to be gentle on the baby's skin. Naturally, your child needs to move freely, so make sure the models you select fit snugly around the thighs to prevent the garment from chafing against the legs.

A onesie that grows with the child

Opting for an extendable onesie is wise, as the garment will last longer as your child grows. An additional row of snap buttons and cuffs that can be folded down and lengthened ensures that the onesie remains suitable even as your baby grows a size.




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