Stylishly pregnant in winter – Wardrobe must-haves

As your belly grows and the cold weather sets in, maintaining a look that makes you feel stylish and confident while embracing your pregnancy can be quite the challenge. Fabrics that keep you warm can quickly become too hot indoors, and bulky outerwear might feel restrictive. But don't give up! There's a range of options and tricks for dressing fashionably while pregnant during the winter. Here are some tips.

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Stylishly pregnant in winter – Wardrobe must-havesPhoto: Preggers

When you're pregnant, you probably want to wear beautiful clothes that complement your new and lovely body, aiming to look as fantastic as you hopefully feel. The opportunity to express your personality and the stage of life you're in through clothing and fashion is just as important when we're pregnant.

Maternity clothes or not

Whether you choose to wear maternity clothes and when you start wearing them is entirely up to you. Some bellies can get by with regular, oversized clothes for a longer period, while others might need the extra room in their clothing fairly early in the pregnancy. However, the selection might sometimes seem a bit limited if you're looking for both comfort and style. Search and think creatively – there are stylish maternity clothes available, and the current trend of oversized and roomy styles is perfect for pregnant women, especially in winter. Roomy and long sweaters, slipovers, and dresses in comfortable materials are plentiful in stores. And a loosely fitting blouse or shirt that accommodates the growing belly always works, at least for a while, until it starts feeling too tight.

Oversized appeal

Regardless of whether you want to highlight or downplay your pregnancy, oversized styles are the perfect solution for winter, preferably right from the beginning and for a few months ahead. There's a plethora of wonderful pieces to choose from, and functionality and creativity go hand in hand here. Colors, prints, monochromatic looks, patterns, lengths, and materials – as well as shirts and sweaters that can easily double as dresses paired with tights.

Essential pieces

Invest in a few loose blouses in straight or flared styles that don't cling to your belly – they're both stylish and incredibly comfortable for a growing bump. They're perfect to pair with tights.

Shirt dresses designed for maternity wear also work excellently as foundational pieces throughout the pregnancy.

Invest in a comfortable pair or two of maternity tights and a couple of pants designed to accommodate your growing belly. There's a wide range to choose from, including jeans, linen, and cotton trousers in various styles, offering both stretch and loose fits.

An elastic-waist pencil skirt can highlight the belly while playing tricks on the eye. With a pencil skirt, you'll look well-dressed in winter. High-waisted skirts and trousers can also make you appear slimmer, should you desire, as they start at the narrowest part of the waist.

Long sweater dresses and more dressed-up dresses tailored for maternity wear, paired with tights and sneakers, are a combination that always works and that you won't want to be without.

For chilly winter days, layer stylishly with airy garments closest to your body and knit layers like slipovers, sweaters, and cardigans on top. Many delightful, long, straight models are available right now.

Add a touch of elegance with winter accessories such as hats, gloves, bags, and backpacks.


A large coat with a tie or a voluminous down or quilted coat or jacket with a zipper and ample pockets are perfect for accommodating a pregnant belly. Treat yourself to a new, slightly oversized piece that you can comfortably wear and grow into during winter. There are many affordable models, and some brands offer discounts on certain styles quite early in the season.

Chic and casual – Stylishly pregnant in winter

Opting for a look that's both chic and casual is a winning concept. In fact, creating a delightful winter maternity look doesn't have to be complicated. Combine oversized, long, roomy, exaggerated, and pregnancy-adapted pieces to accentuate your beautiful silhouette.




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