Are you experiencing extreme pregnancy morning sickness? The puzzle may now be solved!

A recent study may have finally unraveled the mystery behind the distressing morning sickness issues that many pregnant women experience at the beginning of their pregnancy. There seems to be a strong link between morning sickness and a specific hormone called GDF15.

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Are you experiencing extreme pregnancy morning sickness? The puzzle may now be solved!Photo: Preggers

For many pregnant women, the early months of pregnancy can be a challenge due to the troublesome morning sickness. Researchers have now found that GDF15, a hormone believed to be produced by the fetus, may be the key to this puzzle.

One theory that researchers have is that the fetus produces GDF15 at higher levels than the mother is accustomed to. How the morning sickness is affected varies depending on the pregnant woman's sensitivity to this hormone and her previous exposure to it. The study showed that pregnant women suffering from extreme morning sickness, known as hyperemesis gravidarum, had significantly higher levels of GDF15 in their blood compared to those who did not experience morning sickness.

This discovery offers hope that better treatment options may be developed for pregnant women suffering from severe morning sickness. It opens the door to research that could lead to more tailored solutions to alleviate this troublesome condition.

*Source: The study in Nature.




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