Harmony and balance during the pregnancy

Stressed? Worried? Feeling foreign to your own body? Relax, we have some beauty tips that make you rest and find balance and harmony. Try it, it’s now you need to look after yourself (and your baby).

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Harmony and balance during the pregnancy Photo: Marion Michele on Unsplash

Being pregnant can be quite exhausting. Things at work may be full on or perhaps you are too busy trying to organize EVERYTHING before the arrival of your new family member. The combination of all things practical and your emotional state can easily get you out of control. This is the time, however, when you are allowed to put yourself first, in fact, you should! Don’t miss this opportunity! There is no need to be “good" all the time. You are already amazing, carrying a baby in your belly. Think - what do you enjoy? When do you feel fatigued and what do you need to do to feel better? Below we provide some great tips on what to consider and how you can find harmony and balance during your pregnancy.

Ensure your evenings are peaceful and go to bed early

Spoil yourself spiritually. Turn on some easy listening or beautiful music and put your feet up high in a calm room with dim lighting. Read books that make you feel good and relaxed.

Accept things as they are

As pregnancy is a tumultuous and sometimes demanding phase in your life, it’s easy to sometimes worry and get into negative thinking. Try to accept things as they are and talk to those close to you about your mood swings, they will understand. Break negative thought patterns by focusing on what feels good and wonderful right now.

Dare to live in the bubble

A good way to find harmony and balance is to allow yourself to live in the baby bubble and enjoy it. Steer away worries and mania and stop googling disaster situations. Tell your care provider if you have traumatic thoughts that bother you and ask questions about things that concern you. Get rid of thoughts that have no sound basis.

Don’t hesitate to decline activities you don’t feel like doing

Keeping stress away right now can be easier said than done. Be honest with people around you and don’t hesitate declining activities you do not feel like doing. Do what you feel like and make sure to take frequent relaxing breaks. This can be hard but it is with your, and your baby's best in mind! Focus on the two of you, first.

Dress like a superstar

Keep relaxed and comfortable, as many super-mums do. Find some cool comfortable jeans and a couple of nice dresses that work for most situations and that you feel relaxed in. Match them with different accessories for variety and fun. Avoid clothes that put too much pressure on your belly!

Pamper your skin

Be extra kind to your skin and treat yourself to some gentle and nice skincare products. Buy yourself a more exclusive skin lotion than you normally wear. Ask the shop attendant for something that suits your skin during your pregnancy.

Indulge yourself in hair masks

Most likely, your hair is now much dryer, more brittle, and heavier than normal. Invest in good and regular hair masks. They can make a big difference to tired and frail bodies and souls.

Lubricate your tummy and communicate with your baby

Buy a nice, fragrant lotion and find a quiet place where no one will disturb you. Use ten minutes to lubricate your pretty tummy and talk to it. See this lubrication ritual as an opportunity to charge your child with confidence and allow yourself to feel all big emotions. Or why not let your partner do the lubrication? This is a wonderful moment together when your partner has the opportunity to talk to the baby and you can both attend a little extra to each other…




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