Mothers development

The baby has now taken to storing calcium to build its skeleton, which may result in your yearning for milk or other calcium-rich foods.

It's fascinating to discover how your body communicates what you and your child need! During pregnancy, it's common to develop a seemingly insatiable appetite. These are usually called ‘cravings' and they are the body's way of indicating an increased need for nutrients. Still, sometimes it may ask for a little more than is necessary, so feel free to show a little restraint occasionally.

Many thoughts are spinning in your head. Most of the early symptoms of pregnancy have passed and you may feel 'incredibly' well. This may cause concern that something is not as it should be. Especially as you probably haven’t been able to feel the child in there yet. This is a common phenomenon, but if the sense of worry becomes overwhelming, you can contact your care provider for advice.


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