Mothers development

Are you often out of breath? That is probably down to your heart pumping an ever-increasing amount of blood.

It is also common to have heartburn at this stage of pregnancy. You can reduce this inconvenience by avoiding fatty and spicy foods as well as avoiding drinking late in the evening. It’s also recommended that you restrict your coffee and tea intake to a maximum of a couple of cups a day. Some medicines can help alleviate any feelings of discomfort, but remember to always consult your care provider first.

The pelvic joints are beginning to soften, a natural process for widening the pelvis as the body begins to prepare for childbirth. When this happens, the pelvis becomes more flexible and unstable, which can lead to pain, so-called symphysis pubis dysfunction, or SPD. Contact a physiotherapist or call your local healthcare center to book an appointment with a physiotherapist. Today, there is a lot of knowledge about symphysis pubis dysfunction and exercises that can help strengthen the muscles around the pelvis. Such exercises dampen the pain and reduce the risk of even more complications later in the pregnancy.


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