Length: 45 cmWeight: 2350 g

Baby development

All my organs are now ready, even the lungs!

I will now begin to put on more subcutaneous fat and I'm even practicing a lot of the skills that will be needed in life outside the womb. I’m also training my digestion by swallowing and peeing amniotic fluid, and I practice the sucking reflex that is essential for my nourishment when I'm born.

If I were to be born now, it can be reassuring to know that I would most likely manage my breathing myself, without any neonatal intensive care. What would separate me from children born at full term is that I don't yet have the same energy reserves stored in the subcutaneous fat. This means that I sometimes need help to stay warm and get some extra energy. By having a lot of skin-to-skin contacts, I maintain an even body temperature and blood sugar level while releasing the relaxing hormone oxytocin, which also promotes our connection to each other. Sometimes I may need some extra help with food by cup or NG (nasogastric) tube, but I usually manage to eat by myself. We will get the help we need and probably stay a few extra days at the hospital to make sure that we are doing well. But of course, it's good that I stay in here for a little while longer to grow a bit more and be completely ready to meet you!


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