Mothers development

You have now reached the last part of the first trimester. That is the end of the first of the three parts of the pregnancy.

Now your growing belly is visible, it's getting hard to hide it. And why would you? It's beautiful! If this isn’t your first child, your belly is probably more apparent. This is because the uterus may have been thrust further forward and the abdominal muscles become more stretched after a pregnancy.

Your levels of the hormone progesterone are high. This is an important hormone that causes the mucous membrane to remain in the uterus, which is crucial for a full-term pregnancy. Progesterone also acts as an inhibitor of the immune system, so the body doesn’t reject the foetus. The hormone also stimulates the development of the milk-forming cells in the breasts and causes the muscles to relax. You may experience a little stomach pain as a result of the high progesterone levels. Simply combat this by remembering to eat fibre-rich foods, drink a lot of water and do not forget to exercise.


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