The best tips for avoiding throwing up – smart snacking

Craving something sweet and being nauseous go hand in hand during pregnancy. Try out what works for you – be smart about your snacks.

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The best tips for avoiding throwing up – smart snackingPhoto: Preggers

Your tummy and bowel need to work. Many women feel they can keep nausea at bay by eating something dry, such as crackers. It’s a good idea to start the day with a cracker and continue with a few more during the day. Biscuits and salted crackers work well, alternate something sweet and something salty.

Some women say spicy food does the trick while others say it gives them heartburn. Test what works for you. Some pregnant women say citrus fruits help against nausea and that it is a craving they have, while others prefer green apples or other sour or sweet and sour foods. Carrots are said to reduce both vomiting and acid reflux as carrots put the stomach to work. It’s a smart idea to keep some crackers, carrot- and apple pieces in your handbag when you are out. Almonds are easy to bring along and they are a good and tasty snack. They are full of healthy fats and will quickly ease your hunger and sweet cravings. The same goes for B6 vitamin-rich nuts which also alleviate nausea.

Mint, both as flavor and scent, is another great trick for when your stomach is protesting. Always keep some menthol lozenges or menthol chewing gum nearby or dampen a handkerchief with a few drops of essential mint oil. Mint decreases the production of hydrochloric acid and calms the stomach and the bowel.




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