Mothers development

Your child has now probably gotten itself in position before delivery with its head pressed down into the pelvis and its buttocks pressed against your ribs.

The reason for this position is partly because of the head, which is the baby's heaviest body part. The weight imbalance causes the child to turn downwards, and the head is now in the pelvis.

The rest of the body wraps itself around the majority of the pear-shaped uterus. The fact that the child is in this position is also most beneficial to you since childbirth is easier if the head comes out first. Less than five percent of all children are in the opposite position, i.e., with the butt down. This is called a breech birth. Midwives and doctors can usually see if a baby is in the breech birth position and can then try to help turn the baby around. If they are unable to do this, they will discuss the possibility of birth through cesarean section.


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