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You are probably starting to feel the symptoms of pregnancy now. Nausea and vomiting are common and usually the most bothersome.

If you are vomiting a lot, you may be worried about the lack of nutrients for your unborn child. Fret not. Vomiting can’t hurt your baby. It receives its nourishment from digested nutrients and thus gets everything it needs. Hormone level changes in your body cause feelings of nausea. Stress, hunger, and fatigue can exacerbate the symptoms, so listen to your body, rest, and eat little and often. Cold foods that don’t smell too much can help combat feelings of nausea. If the level of discomfort is too much to deal with, prescription and prescription-free drugs can be purchased to alleviate the situation. However, be sure to always speak with a care provider before using them.

Other common symptoms of pregnancy include tender & sore breasts, headaches and fatigue. You may also feel a numbing sensation in the lower part of your abdomen, a pain that sometimes spreads towards the groin region. This might be caused by a growing uterus, which is quite normal, but it may feel a bit uncomfortable. If you feel the need to pee all the time, that would be down to an increase of HCG in your blood. The growing uterus coupled with your kidney working overtime to rid your body of waste are reasons why you might feel the need to relieve yourself often. This isn’t dangerous and eventually passes later on in the pregnancy.


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