Here are nine reasons why your relationship is having a crisis!

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Here are nine reasons why your relationship is having a crisis!Photo: Preggers

The mother:

The Hormones

The pregnancy hormone progesterone is often the culprit behind the pregnant woman’s infamous bad mood, which can put a strain on the relationship. It’s very similar to PMS, which also comes from the same hormone. At the same time, progesterone helps the uterus receive a fertilized egg and allows it to grow, so something does come out of it after all…

The jealousy

Some women might feel paranoid and jealous during the pregnancy and have nightmares about their partner letting them down. You could see it as nature’s way of making sure the mother stops and really makes sure everything is safe and secure before the baby arrives.

The aches

A person who doesn’t feel good or is very tired becomes very focused on themselves and their own needs. It’s hard on the relationship, but by accepting your own sensitivity you increase the odds that your body gets what it needs.

The Partner:

The questions

If the pregnancy wasn’t planned, the partner might feel like he has been tricked, and wonder whether he wants this baby or not. The only solution is to talk about how you feel, maybe with the help of a family therapist.

The loneliness

Even a pregnant woman might feel lonely, for example when she needs to say no to some of the pleasures of life. But she and her belly are often the centers of attention. It might make some partners very jealous – and then they feel guilty about it, which could lead to mood swings similar to the woman.

The delivery

It’s not just women who experience fear of giving birth, but for the partner, the feelings of insecurity are much more taboo. Several surveys have shown that also partners might suffer from postpartum depression.


The sex life

Sex life might go through a crisis for both physical and mental reasons. To widen the repertoire to more than just intercourse and continue to talk about what you want to do with each other are two ways to maintain closeness.

The family relationships

A new child poses existential questions, such as your own childhood and upbringing, and your view of your own parents. You are afraid to make the same mistakes as previous generations. The new grandparents’ ways of showing they care could also be cause for arguments between a couple.

The transition

The contrast between before and during pregnancy differ from couple to couple. If the love has been heavily based on an intense restaurant life, an active outdoor life, or adventurous travels, the transition will probably feel greater. The new lifestyle might seem frugal, but slowing down a bit might be a way to discover new sides in each other.




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