Pleasurable play or exhausting challenge?

There are both pros and cons to sex during pregnancy. Let yourself be inspired and acknowledged.

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Pleasurable play or exhausting challenge? Photo: Preggers

Sex can be a hot topic when you are pregnant, with a mixed bag of pros and cons. Since you are already expecting a baby, you don’t have to worry about getting pregnant or not getting pregnant, which can feel like quite a relief. Your tissues are swollen and engorged because your hormones are swirling around in your body, which might increase your libido. But hormone changes and body changes can be perceived differently by you and your partner. You might misunderstand each other and struggle to find the right timing for your different needs. It’s ok, talk about it. The enhanced sensitivity, the growing belly, and one or more pregnancy ailments could also entail certain physical limitations. And maybe sometimes, you just don’t feel like it. That’s ok too. It’s very important that you communicate, and are honest, with each other. It will make you understand each other better.

All of a sudden, you and your partner are not alone in the bed anymore, there’s someone… “watching”? Perhaps you are affected by some kind of role confusion. Are parents allowed to carry on like this? And if you also worry that the sex will hurt the baby, you might lose playfulness and passion and become a bit careful and boring in bed. Don’t worry, the baby is well protected and won’t be hurt by the sex.

Some claim that sex could induce delivery at the end of the pregnancy. Myth or not? Regardless, it’s never wrong to mix “business” with pleasure!




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