Mothers development

It is very common (and normal) to experience mixed emotions when you realise you are pregnant. It’s important to remember that all feelings are okay!

You are facing a tremendous transformation, physically, mentally and emotionally. Hormone levels may have already begun to affect you with mood swings, fatigue and tenderness in the breasts, or not. Some women do not experience any of the above symptoms, some have a tough time while some others go through the entire course of the pregnancy free from any symptoms. No matter how your body responds, it is time to take care of yourself.

It’s recommended that you stop smoking as soon as you realise you are pregnant. Avoid snuff or chewing tobacco altogether. The less tobacco the foetus is exposed to, the better. The same goes for alcohol. No one knows just how much alcohol can lead to lasting damage to the foetus, which is why it’s best to completely refrain from it once you have confirmed your pregnancy.

In addition to the recommendations of abstaining from tobacco and alcohol, it is also important to eat properly. Ask your maternity health services to give you information on where to find dietary recommendations for pregnant women.