Mothers development

Your body is greatly affected by the pregnancy so it’s good to try and maintain a basic level of fitness.

Exercise improves fitness and boosts your well-being. It doesn’t have to be a strenuous workout and can be limited to a daily bike ride or walk around your neighborhood.

Some women suffer from varicose veins, erratic or bump-like enlargements of the blood vessels that may occur on the legs, in the genital region, or the rectum (hemorrhoids). Varicose veins usually disappear after childbirth. You may also experience pain or numbness in your hands. This is called carpal tunnel syndrome and is because more fluid is collected in the tissues, creating pressure around the nerves and tendons. It can be unpleasant and cause numbness in your fingers. It is often worst in the morning, whilst over the day as you move your hands, circulation improves and the level of discomfort lessens. If you have persistent problems, contact your healthcare center and ask for help.


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