There are plenty of partner tips. Here are some important ones

First of all – as always – it’s important to talk about your feelings with your partner. And not just about your feelings regarding the pregnancy and first period at home with a new baby – but also about the day it actually happens. The delivery – the day you two become parents.

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There are plenty of partner tips. Here are some important onesPhoto: Preggers

Don’t diminish yourself and your thoughts and fears. Take yourself seriously and remember to ask the care provider what will happen and how you can support your partner in the best way. This way, you can take greater responsibility for your role during the delivery. What you haven’t had time to ask about beforehand you can read up on, and not just the partner’s role but also what will happen. How will the mother react to the pain? What does she fear the most? Do you need to change doctors? You’ll arrange that. Is there something she needs but the others in the room can’t see it? You’ll fix it. The more you know, the easier it will be for you – and her.

And don’t forget that you also need fluids and energy to cope, so make sure you pack snacks, food, and drinks for yourself as well.

And here are some last tips:

  • You also change when you are expecting a baby, and don’t become any less important. On the contrary.
  • Talk to others about your feelings about becoming a parent.
  • Don’t worry if you also gain a couple of kilos during the pregnancy, in most cases, you will lose them after the baby is born.
  • Count on having to take a couple of steps back and put up with a bit more than usual, everything to make sure the mother is as comfortable as possible.
  • If her mood changes it is probably due to hormone changes – just grin and bear it, it’ll be better…



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