Mothers development

Still not put on a lot of weight?

Then brace yourself, because beginning now and for the coming few weeks, that is sure to change with the baby set to double its weight. It is therefore important that you eat a balanced diet to ensure you receive all the nutrition your body needs. Your reserves need to be replenished continuously for your energy. When you are pregnant, you should avoid starving yourself or embarking on any diet, as you and your baby need all the nutrition you can get. Be sure to fill the fridge and pantry with healthy foods and snacks for those times when you feel peckish. You may also lose your appetite completely, which is normal, and when that happens, it makes the need for healthy snacks all the more important.

Your growing uterus and the weight of the child also affect your ligaments, which could lead to pain on the sides of the belly. It's not dangerous and usually eases up when you rest.


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