Tips, tricks, and a bit of guidance toward pregnancy sex

First and foremost – take it easy! Many people tend to live a busy, hectic life until the very end. By calming yourself and your body down, you take care of yourself – and your sexuality.

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Tips, tricks, and a bit of guidance toward pregnancy sex Photo: Preggers

And just as with everything else: talk and tell your partner what feels best and the most comfortable right now. The stress and strains right now might affect both your libido and your sex life, so don’t feel hurt or angry if it’s not working perfectly. Try to make it as comfortable for you as possible, try to love your body, and improvise a bit. Find a new position, acknowledge each other and find other ways like oral sex and intimate massage. All of a sudden you hit the right note.

Come and squeeeeeze. For better sex.

Pelvic floor training, how exciting and sexy does that sound? The fact is, if you squeeze for a bit every day you will have a more satisfying sex life. And that’s worth the effort, don’t you think?

But the most important thing is to not rush it, it won’t happen at once. But after twelve weeks of training, you will notice a huge difference. And the result is more and increased pleasure for you and your partner. Many women experience a much better sex life after having gone through pelvic floor training.

The pelvic floor muscle is an orgasm muscle, and strong muscles have more nerve fibers, which provide a more intense sensation when you have sex. Kegel exercises increase the blood circulation in the entire pelvic floor muscle and the smaller muscles guiding the clitoris. Incontinence is associated with shame and is often taboo – despite being so common. It has an inhibitory and negative effect on sex life, often because the woman blames herself and is afraid to talk about it. But the faster you get started, the faster you will see the results.

But what can you gain from the Kegel exercises?

  • You prevent problems with urinary incontinence and gases.
  • You have a stronger sensation and more pleasure from sex.
  • You prevent a possible prolapse when you are older, or will at least have significantly fewer problems.
  • You can prevent back problems during pregnancy.



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